Indistar Summit 2014

RCC Facilitators Meeting

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Summit Pre-Readings

Getting Ready for the Indistar Summit in Albuquerque (PDF)

Indistar as Innovation

Implementation and Results

Indistar: People, Implementation, and Performance

The Logic of School Improvement, Turnaround, and Innovation

The Something Other


Additional Readings

Personal Competency Framework (PDF)

Personalized Learning (PDF)



Summit Slots

Fourth Annual Indistar Summit


Photo Gallery

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Summit Opening

Welcome (PowerPoint)

Innovation With Indistar (PDF)


Day 1: Plenary Session 1

The Indistar Network (PowerPoint)


Day 1: Plenary Session 2

Indistar School Indicators - Early Childhood (Word)

Personalized Learning Indicators (Word)

WiseWays Full-day Kindergarten (Word)

WiseWays Assessed - Assess Three Times (Word)

WiseWays - Communication (Word)

WiseWays - Formative Assessment (Word)

WiseWays Draft - Part C to Part B

Implementation Results (PowerPoint)

Day 1

Using Indistar Data to Improve Implementation Quality and Track Results

Collecting and Reporting Compliance Information

Coaching with Indistar

Leadership Teams and Classroom Implementation


Day 1: Next Steps

Day 2

Organizing within the SEA for Quality Implementation

Setting Goals and Measuring Results

Keys to Success for Districts

Providing Incentives and Recognizing Success

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