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Personalized Learning

Personalization refers to a teacher's relationships with students and their families and the use of multiple instructional modes to scaffold each student's learning and enhance the student's personal competencies.

The Center on Innovations in Learning offers an extensive portfolio of resources on innovative approaches to personalized learning, including technical assistance strategies that provide a structure for states, districts, and schools.  CIL's logical framework for how a teacher personalizes learning takes the form of a metaphoric house:
- instructional design forms the house's foundation
- how a teacher relates to students and uses technology as load-bearing walls (the supports for personalized learning), and
- 4 key approaches (known as Big 4 Strategies) to personalization are represented as floors

Let's look at the "Big 4 Strategies":

Close Reading



Active Student Responding

Learning Pictures


Services to the Field

Ongoing, intensive work aimed to change current practices by aligning goal-driven implementation to research in personalized learning.
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A 1-2 day event focused on sharing deeper knowledge and stimulating thinking around personalized learning including learning technologies, competency-based education, and personal competencies.
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Personalized Learning Resources

E-Learning 101: Putting the Big Picture into Focus
Date: AUG 6, 2013
Presenter: Dr. Janet Twyman
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Mobile Devices in the Classroom
Date: OCT 21, 2014 (Part I), NOV 4, 2014 (Part II)
Presenter: Dr. Karen Mahon with Dr. Janet Twyman
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English Learning in the Blended Classroom
(Co-sponsored by ARCC, MACC, and CIL)
Date: MAR 5, 2015
Presenter: Dr. Carolyn Vincent, Dr. Janet Twyman,
Dr. John D. Ross
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ELL/ESL Resources    Mobile Devices

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