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The subject of personalized learning is central to the work of the Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL). CIL has provided a wide variety of resources on this topic, and its staff have for some time now been thinking about, writing about, and practicing personalized learning. The emergence of educational technology—from apps to devices to assessments to digital portfolios—is rapidly expanding the possibilities for children and their learning. The intersection of technology and interpersonal relationships—student to teacher, student to student, student to parent—is a fine mingling, not an exchange. It’s not exchanging one for the other, rather merging one with the other. We consider it our job to support you in mastering that mingle.  That's why we created INNOpods.



Because we want to make this experience personal for you, we have organized each INNOpod's information in segments, making it easy for you to get in, learn, and get out at your own pace in your own way.

How to Navigate INNOpods


There are two ways you can use INNOpods.

Professional Development

Personal Knowledge


Your school may use it for either team or full staff professional development.  We suggest downloading and printing the Facilitators Guide and Reflection Sheets at the beginning of each INNOpod to distribute to your staff.  There are instructions throughout INNOpods to guide your use of each section in the guide.

If you are using INNOpods for your own personal exploration and quest for knowledge, you may use the Reflection Sheets to record your thoughts.  The reflection questions will also be posed throughout INNOpods for you to ponder.  We suggest printing and using the Next Steps Planning Guide (found at the beginning of each INNOpod) to record concrete ways to include personalized learning in your classroom.

The recent passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)—the new federal education law replacing No Child Left Behind (NCLB)—presents new opportunities and flexibility for states, districts, and schools to personalize the learning experience in classrooms throughout the country. This INNOpod series provides hands-on, accessible, and trusted resources for introducing, understanding, and implementing personalized learning to support the success of every student.

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Writing, organization, and structure of INNOpod Series by Maureen M. Mirabito for CIL


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