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Connect: Making Learning Personal

A series on personalized learning from the League of Innovators

Connect: Making Learning Personal focuses on personalized learning and includes reports from the field as well as topical briefs of particular interest to state education agencies and district and school personnel. Connect will be published eight times each year by the Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL) and is free to anyone choosing to subscribe. To subscribe, click here.
Personalization refers to a teacher’s relationships with students and their families and the use of multiple instructional modes to scaffold each student’s learning and enhance the student’s motivation to learn. Personalized learning varies the time, place, and pace of learning for each student, enlists the student in the creation of learning pathways, and utilizes technology to manage and document the learning process and access rich sources of information. Topics of interest to Connect and its readers within those broader parameters include competency-based education, personal competencies, blended learning, co-design of instruction with students, learning networks, technological aids, learning analytics, curriculum management, precision instruction, personalized professional development for teachers, and gamification.