CIL Tools & Training Modules

Rubrics, narrated presentations, and other tools related to Center priorities:  Personalized Learning and Science of Innovation


 Change leadership, change processes


 Learning technologies, competency-based education, personal competencies

Improvement Process Training Modules

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Based primarily on ADI's research syntheses, Indicators in Action provides video demonstrations, discussions,  workbooks, and facilitator guides for more than 100 indicators of effective practice.

Personalized Learning Effective Practices and Indicators

According to the Center on Innovations in Learning, “Personalization refers to a teacher’s relationships with students and their families and the use of multiple instructional modes to scaffold each student’s learning and enhance the student’s personal competencies. Personalized learning varies the time, place, and pace of learning for each student, enlists the student in the creation of learning pathways, and utilizes technology to manage and document the learning process and access rich sources of information” (Twyman & Redding, 2015, p. 3)



An electronic, episodic series of information and activities that blends CIL's work in Personalized Learning and the Science of Innovation.  INNOpods use multimedia to convey information and self-pacing to support personalized engagement, and they provide opportunities for users to think about, assimilate, and implement their learning immediately in useful, practical ways.


Virtual Learning Program Rubric

The Virtual Learning Program (VLP) Review Guide is a framework for SEAs and LEAs to assess the quality and rigor of virtual programs. The guide provides context for the VLP Standards and offers a deeper operational understanding of the quality and rigor embedded in each standard.


Personalized Learning Lesson Plan Reflection

This Lesson Plan Reflection Guide provides a framework to help educators consider how well their lesson plans support personal competencies and personalized learning. It may serve both as a rubric for evaluating how well a lesson plan personalizes and addresses personal competency, as well as a guide for strengthening lessons.


Personalized Learning Peer Observation Tool

Reflection on Instruction is a peer-to-peer observation tool designed to help teachers support and learn from one another in the course of personalized learning, including enhancing personal competencies for each and all students and using technology to support instruction. Using the tool enhances the ability to review and reflect on the lesson with accuracy and specificity, with a focus on student benefits across both instructional goals and personal competencies.




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