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 Foreword and Overview

                 Marilyn Murphy





Part 1: Personal Competencies as Propellants of Learning


Competencies and Personalized Learning

Sam Redding

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Converging Qualities of Personal Competencies

T. V. Joe Laying

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Proceed With Caution: Measuring That "Something Other" in Students

Allison Crean Davis

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Part 2: Students at the Center of Personalized Learning

Co-designing Instruction With Students

Melinda S. Sota

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Flipped Learning as a Path to Personalization

Melinda S. Sota

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Empowering Students as Partners in Learning





Kathleen Dempsey, Andrea D. Beesley,

Tedra Fazendeiro Clark, and Anne Tweed

Homeschooling: The Ultimate Personalized Environment

William Jeynes

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Part 3: Teaching and Technology in Support of Personalized Learning

Personalizing Curriculum:  Curriculum Curation and Creation

Karen L. Mahon

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Choose Your Level: Using Games and Gamification to Create Personalized Instruction

Karl M. Kapp

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Personalizing Learning Through Precision Measurement

Janet S. Twyman

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Using Learning Analytics in Personalized Learning

Ryan Baker

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Part 4: The Personalized Learning Community: Teachers, Students, Families

Preparing Educators to Engage Parents and Families

Erin McNamara Horvat

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Relationships in Personalized Learning: Teachers, Students and Families

Patricia A. Edwards

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Teacher-Student Relationships and Personalized Learning:  Implications of Person and Contextual Variables





Ronald D. Taylor and Azeb Gebre

Personalizing Professional Development for Teachers

Catherine C. Schifter

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Part 5: Descriptive Studies of Specific Instructional Applications

Using Universal Design for Learning to Personalize an Evidence-Based Practice for Students with Disabilities





Sara Cothren Cook, Kavita Rao, and Bryan G. Cook

Next-Generation Teachers in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Tamara Sniad

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On Personalized Learning in the Context of the Common Core Literary Standards: A Sociocultural Perspective

Frank J. Sullivan, Jr.

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Social Studies and Personalized Learning: Emerging Promising Practices From the Field

Christine Woyshner

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