Change leaders can create a culture of innovation in which the goal of continuously improving instructional practice is clear, innovation is encouraged, trust is assured, and results are rewarded.

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NEW Creating a Content Strategy for Mobile Devices in the Classroom - a practice guide by Dr. Karen Mahon


NEW Literacy Research - a webinar presentation by Dr. Michael L. Kamil


Working with Regional Comprehensive Centers to build state education agencies' capacity to stimulate, select, implement, and scale up innovations in learning.



The Handbook on Innovations in Learning focuses on innovations-both methodological and technological-in teaching and learning that promise to surpass standard practice in achieving learning outcomes for students.

Designed for state and local education agency personnel and, especially, teachers and principals, these publications discuss innovations in learning and help guide their implementation in schools.

These annotated bibliographies provide a quick response to a request for information on a specific topic.

The Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL) defines an innovation as “something that replaces the standard product, program, practice, or process with something better, thus creating a new standard.” CIL works with the U.S. Department of Education’s Regional Comprehensive Centers and with state education agencies to assist them in making informed choices about the wealth of innovative products and services in the educational field. CIL provides the knowledge, activities, and technical support that, by making those choices, help states build their capacity to stimulate, select, implement, and scale up learning innovations. The center focuses its work on innovative educational practices in four priority areas: personalized learning, learning technology, learning in and out of school, and innovation for students with disabilities.


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